Lewis Hamilton makes surprising admission after controversial Canadian Grand Prix win

The Mercedes driver secured his fifth win of the Formula 1 season in Canada, despite originally finishing second.

The Briton saw the chequered flag just one second after Sebastian Vettel, but was stood on top of the podium after the German was handed a time penalty.

Lewis Hamilton drove well in Montreal, but his race was almost ended by his German rival on lap 48 after the Ferrari driver nearly pushed him into the wall.

Vettel ran wide on turn four whilst holding off the world title leader, before attempting to retain his lead while returning to the track.

In doing so, he pushed Hamilton wide off the racing line, forcing the Brit to hold off and surrender the position.

The Ferrari lead driver would then hear that he would be penalised with a five second delay, ensuring that he finish second behind Hamilton.

Speaking after the race, Hamilton expressed that it didn’t feel good winning under the controversial circumstances.

“I’m really, really grateful – I had a crash on Friday, so I was on the back foot, and then this morning we had an engine problem,” said the championship leader.

“The guys worked so hard and did a great job to fix it, so they truly deserved to have a car out there.

“I was trying to drive for them and really wanted to get the best result I can for them.

“It’s not easy to follow around here, so I was trying to build the pressure on Sebastian to maybe push him into an error and he made one.

“I still wanted to win the right way and overtake him on the track, so I was fighting until the finish line, but my tyres were gone.

“Ferrari did a fantastic job this weekend, they were so fast on the straights and Sebastian drove a great race, it took absolutely everything from me to try and keep up with them.

“It’s not a great feeling and ultimately that’s not how I want to win races, but I drove my heart out today to make my team proud and I feel like I did that.”

The Formula 1 season continues with the French Grand Prix on June 23.

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