Dean Ambrose claims WWE boss Vince McMahon should step aside and let Triple H run the show

Ambrose left the wrestling giants last April after seven successful years citing creative frustrations and moved to AEW where he debuted as his old hardcore gimmick of Jon Moxley at Double or Nothing.

Moxley recently fired some heavy shots at his former employers during a tell-all interview with Chris Jericho in the Talk Is Jericho podcast as he claimed that their system is killing the company and that McMahon’s way “sucks”.

According to Ringside News, The Lunatic Fringe discussed the promotion’s system on the Wade Keller Pro Wrestling Podcast and once more described The Chairman as “the problem”.

The ex-WWE Champion insists this is not sour grapes but believes his former boss is no longer the same genius genius and feels it’s a shame that so much talent goes to waste.

He needs to take a break, maybe just let Hunter run things for a month

Jon Moxley

The 33-year-old grappler claims the wrestling supremo should perhaps step down and let Executive Vice President of Talent, Live Events and Creative Triple H take over for a little bit and bring in the ideas and mentality that he showcases on NXT as the senior producer.

Moxley said: “Looking back though, Vince is the problem.

“It’s a shame, I’m not trying to tear him down, I’m trying to help.

“I’m telling you, that’s the problem and it’s a shame. Because there is so much talent, there has never been so much talent, the pool is so talented.

“The resources they have, with the network, with television it should be so great. But, the one guy that screwed it up, I think is Vince.

“You look at NXT. I have never been there [in its current incarnation], so I cannot tell you how it is. But everyone seems to like the show.

“What’s the key ingredient that’s missing? Vince.

“He is the guy that created wrestling. But now I feel like he is the guy holding it back.

“He needs to take a break, maybe just let Hunter [Triple H] run things for a month.

“Over this time, especially the last few months, I didn’t see this ‘genius’ Vince.

“In the 80s he was a genius, when he created Hulkamania, took over the territories, and put wrestling on cable television.

“In 2019 I do not think he knows what is going on.

“We need to figure it out or step aside and let someone who knows what’s going on take over.”

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