Super ShowDown: How Brock Lesnar could SHOCK the WWE Universe in Saudi Arabia

Lesnar shocked the WWE Universe when he added himself late to the Men’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match and won the coveted briefcase without breaking a sweat.

The Beast promised two weeks ago to reveal which world champion he would challenge but then swerved the crowd as he claimed he didn’t know he has an entire year to decide who to go after.

But then his advocate Paul Heyman vowed that his client would cash in on Rollins the next week on RAW but he once more changed his mind as he instead launched a brutal attack on the Universal Champion.

The Conqueror said that he will definitely face a world champion at Super ShowDown, which takes place at the King Abdullah International Stadium in Saudi Arabia.

It seems like the six-time world champion is once more targeting Rollins as he may be looking for some revenge after losing RAW’s premier title to The Beastslayer at WrestleMania 35.

However, the WWE Universe may still be in for another swerve as the UFC legend may instead go after WWE Champion Kofi Kingston.

SmackDown is set to move to FOX on October 4 following a reported billion dollar deal between the TV company and WWE.

Rumours suggest that FOX wanted WWE Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon to feature some of the company’s most legit athletes on the blue brand in order for the deal to be finalised.

That is probably why the wrestling giants’ biggest full-time superstar Roman Reigns left left the promotion’s flagship show RAW for team blue.

It has been rumoured that the TV channel also want Lesnar to join SmackDown and the move could be completed at Super ShowDown once he takes out the brand’s top champion.

If the ex-UFC Heavyweight Champion leaves the Middle East with a world title then it is certain that the fans won’t get to see that belt for a long time.

The former Universal Champion has been wrestling on a part-time basis with the company ever since rejoining from Dana White’s promotion in 2012.

His schedule didn’t change even during his last three world title reigns.

Lesnar hasn’t wrestled on RAW or SmackDown since his return and mostly performs in major Pay-Per-View shows like WrestleMania, Royal Rumble, Survivor Series and SummerSlam.

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