Will Eric Bischoff appear on SmackDown after being appointed by Vince McMahon?

Bischoff was appointed as the blue brand’s Executive Director whereas his longtime rival Paul Heyman became RAW Executive Director.

According to Wrestling Inc, the former WCW President will be at the arena for SmackDown tonight but he won’t start taking over until after Extreme Rules, which takes place on July 14 at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

It was reported that the former RAW General Manager has not been hired as a TV personality but that doesn’t mean he won’t be making some rare televised appearances.

The 64-year-old legend’s counterpart over at the red brand Heyman, though, will continue to be part of the show as Brock Lesnar’s advocate.

This may be – it’s not maybe, this is the biggest opportunity I’ve ever had in this industry

Eric Bischoff

Bischoff rose to prominence as part of a leading figure in WCW during the Monday Night Wars with WWE in the 1990s.

The Detroit native was one of the main reasons why the rival promotion defeated Vince McMahon’s company in the ratings war for 84 consecutive weeks.

And the timing of his arrival on SmackDown is just right as WWE have been dealing with falling ratings for quite some time while the billionaire Khan family have put together rival promotion AEW.

Bischoff sees this job as the biggest opportunity he has ever had in the wrestling industry as the challenges he faced in WCW were completely different.

He said during his latest 83 Weeks podcast with Conrad Thompson: “This may be – it’s not maybe, this is the biggest opportunity I’ve ever had in this industry.

“Granted, when [Turner President] Bill Shaw made me president of WCW, obviously that was a very big moment.

“But I was learning on the job there.

“I was taking – I had nothing to lose there.

“I was taking a company in WCW that had never turned a dollar profit, that was such a distant number two to WWF at that time that we weren’t even really number two, a company that was fraught with a bad history and all kinds of internal issues.

“So I had nothing to lose.

“In this situation, this is an entirely different ballgame here.

“This is a very sophisticated company in WWE.”

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