Close-up of DRS decision after Steve Smith LBW appeal reveals frightening error

Viewers have blown up after a close inspection of a DRS decision that nearly cost Steve Smith his wicket on day three of the SCG Test appeared to show a frightening error.

Smith and everyone watching Australia’s second innings were left bemused when Ravi Ashwin convinced his skipper to refer an LBW decision when the Aussie star missed an attempted slog-sweep when he was on just two.

The first replay had former Aussie opener Michael Slater declaring the ball had easily missed leg stump in commentary for Channel 7, but viewers were stunned when ball-tracking indicated it would have clipped leg stump.

Steve Smith only survived on the umpire’s call.Source:FOX SPORTS

It was harmless enough on this occasion because the field umpire had given Smith not out, meaning he survived.

But if you zoomed in on the image, there was a clear difference between where Smith’s off stump stood – and where DRS had overlaid the wicket.

Fans were fuming, fearing the technology had failed.

“There is no way that was hitting the stumps,” one wrote. “They’ve clearly overlaid the stumps here incorrectly. Look where the off stump is on the graphic compared to in reality.”

There is a clear difference between the off stumps.Source:FOX SPORTS

Steve Smith was lucky … this time. (Photo by Mark Kolbe/Getty Images)Source:Getty Images

At a time when there’s been a renewed push by former cricketers including Sachin Tendulkar to alter the system to make the decision out as long as any part of the ball is going on to hit the stumps, this latest episode won’t exactly fill the cricket community with confidence the DRS can be trusted.

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