Renshaw: ‘I was going to s**t myself’

Matt Renshaw didn’t really make the runs he wanted during Australia’s tour of India in 2017 but he sure got some of the unwanted kind.

The 23-year-old opener has spoken out about his time on the subcontinent with the Australian team as he prepares to play the County season for Kent and tries to work his way back into the Test team for The Ashes.

The major incident occurred during the first Test in Pune when he batted for a long period before having to ask the umpire, Richard Kettleborough, for permission to leave the field of play.

The simple reason, an attack of gastro, but on The Final Word podcast he went into gutbusting, excruciating detail to tell the story.

“It sort of came on really quickly,” Renshaw told hosts Geoff Lemon and Adam Collins.

“I let one rip out there in the middle, we were about 15 minutes away from lunch

“And then about five minutes later I am standing there a bit more uncomfortable (and think)

‘is this another fart or is this something a bit more serious?’ And then it sort of started coming on very quickly and I asked ‘how long till lunch?’ and he (Kettleborough) was ‘like 15 minutes.’

“I was trying to think 15 minutes, that’s about four overs and all of a sudden I really needed to go to the toilet and I sort of asked him ‘how long till lunch?’ and he said ‘13 minutes why are you asking me again?’”

Matthew Renshaw had a good match with the bat that Test too.Source:AFP

Then Renshaw got his reprieve, David Warner was bowled out and he seized his moment when the 12th man came out and he spoke to him.

“The 12th’s come on and I am like ‘I need to go to the toilet,” he said.

“I am going to s**t myself on the field or just get to a toilet, so I've asked the umpire if I could retire hurt, go to the toilet and come back at some point later, because I didn’t know what was going on.

“If I was going to have to retire out I’d have to stay there and have a lot more nicknames than just the guy that ran off the field

“He said I could retire hurt, so I have just bolted and Smithy (Steve Smith) is on his way out to bat and is already confused about why I am running and he is like ‘no come back with me’.

Steve Smith and Matthew Renshaw celebrate the dismissal of Virat Kohli.Source:AFP

“So I am holding this in and have walked back to the umpire and confirmed with Smithy about what is going on.

“I go into the dressing room and from the dressing room to the toilet it has gone onto tiles and I have forgotten I have spikes on — I am ripping my pads off, have gone onto all fours and just got to the toilet.”

For that effort Renshaw copped a lot of flak from many including former Australia skipper Allan Border, who felt the opener should have toughed it out.

Surprisingly now, having played his most recent Test in March 2018, against South Africa, Renshaw agrees.

“I think part of me is still really annoyed at myself that I didn’t take a s**t in my pants on the field.

“If I s**t myself on the international cricket stage I feel like there could have been more sponsorship opportunities.”

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