Warne roasts Sandilands: ‘How dare you’

SHANE Warne continues to do as good a job promoting his new book as he did bamboozling batsmen and this morning’s stop on the publicity tour was with KIIS FM’S Kyle and Jackie O.

While it’s usually Sandilands who isn’t fearful of putting people in their place, this time the cricket legend had to set the radio host straight as he talked up his autobiography No Spin.

Warne gives a candid account of his life both on and off the field and the book is being lapped up in the UK where it’s gone to No. 2 on the best-sellers list. He talks about why his relationship with actress Elizabeth Hurley broke down, his feud with former Aussie skipper Steve Waugh and the infamous sting that saw him sprung in a threesome while wearing Playboy jocks.

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“I’m absolutely honest about everything, mate, and I’m sure you’re going to enjoy it Kyle, even though it’s a book about some sort of sportsman, I’m sure you’ll still enjoy it,” Warne said on Wednesday.

“Basically it’s an account of my life, my journey and all the factual things that happen through my life and my opinion on that.”

Sandilands is no sports fan and it clearly hadn’t got round to reading Warne’s book before the interview, and he threw one of the leg-spinner’s longtime commercial partners under the bus.

Warne is doing the promotional rounds for his book.Source:AFP

These days Warne cuts a much different figure to the beer swilling, cigarette smoking larrikin he was during his playing career, and part of his routine to keep himself looking good involves ensuring his hair game is on point.

The 49-year-old has been a client and brand ambassador for Advanced Hair Studio — which caters for people dealing with hair loss — for over a decade but Sandilands accidentally gave a rival hair loss treatment company a plug.

“Do you talk about the Ashley and Martin love affair you’ve got going in this book?” Sandilands said.

“Kyle, are you going to read the book, mate? It’s Advanced Hair! Do your research, where’s your research people?” Warne replied. “I’ve been with Advanced Hair for 14 years.

“How dare you, Kyle. I’m very disappointed with you. Advanced Hair, mate.”

Warne also played the salesman role to perfection when Jackie O asked him to clarify what happened in one of his most famous sexcapades when he was photographed with models Coralie Eichholtz and Emma Kearney.

“Read the book, Jackie! Read the book. Read the book, please read the book, you might get a better understanding,” Warne said.

Obviously it was all in jest and the trio shared plenty of laughs throughout the interview.

Sandilands accidentally put his foot in it.Source:News Corp Australia

There were no such awkward moments when ABC presenter Leigh Sales sat down to speak to Warne, who opened up about his personal life last week in a two-part interview on 7.30.

The Australian icon revealed his biggest regret, saying it had nothing to do with teammate feuds or the scandals that splashed across tabloid pages — it was to do with his kids.

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“It’s pretty hard to relive some things when you’ve let down your children and your family, embarrassed them at times,” Warne said. “To hurt my children who are the most important thing in my life was really tough.

“The effect I had on my family, on my children. The effect I had on my children was I let them down.

“I have to live with that for the rest of my life. My ex-wife and I — to have the breakdown of a family is hard on kids, but I’m proud of the kids they’ve become and I’m proud of the father I’ve become. They were probably the biggest regrets.”

He says his three kids, Brooke, Summer and Jackson have forgiven him for past transgressions and the way through it all has been honesty, but the disappointment still lingers.

“Honesty with them and being honest with them about saying, ‘I’m sorry, I let you down, my mistake’ and they were hurt by that.

“They’ve forgiven me and they understand me and they want me happy and they also have to accept who I am.

“There is no point them wanting me to be something I’m not. They accept me for who I am.

“Yes, I embarrass them and I think part of that is my job as a father to embarrass them, maybe not the way they — embarrass them in different ways, like wearing bad shorts to netball or something like that.

“I’m disappointed with that, but our relationship is great and I’m so happy for that.”

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