Feds give NCAA green light to begin probe of schools in recruiting scandal

The NCAA has received approval from the federal government to look into schools that could be tied to violations implicated during the federal college basketball recruiting investigation, according to Yahoo Sports, citing unidentified sources.

The report says the green light is the next step for the NCAA’s investigative team to start its search for violations of NCAA rules within the federal investigation. The NCAA has been in “constant communication with the federal government since September of 2017,” which was when the FBI arrested 10 men connected to the scandal, Yahoo Sports reports. 

Though Kansas, North Carolina State and Louisville were named in the first federal trial, the report doesn’t indicate which specific schools the NCAA has been cleared to investigate. 

A specific timeline as to when the NCAA’s investigation will start is not known yet, but it is expected to “begin soon,” the report says.

The federal government’s approval for the NCAA to begin its investigation comes after former Adidas executive James Gatto, former Adidas consultant Merl Code and aspiring sports agent Christian Dawkins were all found guilty on Oct. 24 of conspiracy to commit wire fraud against Louisville. Gatto also was found guilty of an additional charge involving the recruitment of athletes to Kansas.

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Defendants found guilty in college basketball corruption trial

All three men plan to appeal the convictions as they await sentencing on March 5.

Two other trials are scheduled for February and April.

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