Ebanie Bridges offered £30K for boobs sweat mat that ‘looks like Mickey Mouse’

Blonde bombshell Ebanie Bridges has been offered £30,000 for her training mat – after she uploaded a snap of the sweat-stained mat, that featured her boobs looking like Micky Mouse.

The current IBF Female Bantamweight Champion said: "My face down sweat spot compared to everyone else’s!" And fans were quick to poke fun of the stain, but others had an offer for the Australian.

One fan joked: "Someone will buy that if you put it up for sale," and it didn't take long for that prediction to ring true, another added: "I give you £30k for the mat!" Bridges liked the reply, but hasn't seemed to take the fan up on the offer.

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Most fans joked the stain looked like Micky Mouse, with Bridges' sizeable assets creating the ears of the famous Disney character.

"I’ll never look at Mickey Mouse the same ever again," one fan joked. While a second added: "Looks like Mickey Mouse, you'll make a fortune at Disneyland when you retire – If the ears don't drop too much otherwise it will be goofy!"

Bridges herself added: "The implants are always making an impression," before joking: "Micky mouse was at the gym today!"

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Bridges is currently gearing up for her December 10 clash with Shannon O'Connell – who hit out at the Australian, claiming the reigning champion takes her clothes off "to be seen."

The current champ snapped back: "You're saying I haven't had it the hard way because I'm just a little bit different."


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