Floyd Mayweather savagely trolled by Canelo Alvarez after Logan Paul flop

Floyd Mayweather was savagely trolled by former opponent Canelo Alvarez after he failed to beat YouTuber Logan Paul in an exhibition fight.

Mayweather and Paul went the distance in their eight round bout, and while 'Money' never really looked to be in any danger, Paul managed to hold his own against one of the best of all-time.

The scrap did not go down to well with the unified super middleweight world champion Canelo, with the Mexican taking to social media to give his thoughts on the performance of the only man to beat him.

He tweeted a a face palm emoji that picked up over 100k likes in less than an hour, showing a fair few may agree with his assessment.

But Paul's brother Jake, who is also a boxer, took it as an opportunity to take a swipe at Canelo himself.

He replied just minutes later: "You can't sell PPV's. I would eat you alive."

Canelo has previously warned the two Paul brothers that they could be "killed" without proper experience in professional boxing.

"They give them boxer's licenses when they're not a boxer," he told the In-Depth With Graham Bensinger show last month.

"They could get them killed. This is not a soccer game, they could get them killed.

"Why do they give licences to people who have never in their life even thrown a punch?

"If there's a death, the commission will be responsible. Why? Because they issued the licence for the fight."

Despite not giving the best account of himself, Mayweather insisted that he was not too disheartened by his performance, and praised Paul's skills.

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"I had fun," he said after the bout.

"You gotta realise I'm not 21 anymore, but it's good to move around with these young guys, test my skills, just to have some fun.

"Great young fighter, tough, strong. He's better than I thought he was."

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