Jake Paul calls for KSI ‘disqualification’ as he fumes over controversial elbow

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Jake Paul pleaded for KSI to be disqualified after he knocked out Joe Fournier with an accidental elbow. KSI defeated businessman and former boxer Fournier in the second round of their bout at Wembley Arena on Saturday night.

The YouTuber caught Fournier with his elbow as he attempted a right hook. The 29-year-old denied that it was his elbow that knocked out his opponent in his post-fight interview but replays show he made contact. 

Long-term rival Jake Paul called for KSI to be disqualified or for the fight to be ruled no contest. The fellow internet sensation, who was beaten by Tommy Fury in February, aired his frustration on Twitter. 

“I respect boxing too much to respect what that was,” Paul raged, alongside a video of the incident. “If that was indeed a real boxing match it will be ruled a no contest or disqualification.”

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KSI denied that the contact with his elbow sealed the fight. He insisted that Fournier had been dazed by a ‘massive shot’. 

“I hit him with a massive shot, and he was dazed,” KSI said after the fight. “He was scrambling, trying to hold on to me for dear life. I was like, ‘brother, nah, nah, nah. It’s D-Day. Your soul is mine.'”

KSI has been linked with a fight against Fury, the brother of heavyweight champion Tyson Fury. the younger Fury is unbeaten in his professional career. 

“I wanna do this, do what Jake Paul couldn’t and knock you out. I want it this year, I’m hungry. I need it, you’re getting f***ed,” KSI told Fury, who replied: “All I can say is sign me up, easy money baby. You are going to sleep in four rounds. Gung-ho, no defence, no head movement, you’re getting knocked out.”

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KSI fired back: “People always say ‘KSI won’t be able to do it, he won’t be able to beat Jake or Logan Paul but I always prove them wrong’.” 

Fury responded: “You didn’t beat a pro boxer tonight, I’m the pro boxer. Jake Paul is already ticked off and you will be ticked off the list next, then Misfits is going to be over.”

The 24-year-old, who was seen brawling with fellow Love Island contestant Idris Virgo following KSI’s triumph, defeated Paul on points earlier this year. He later added: “In my opinion, out of all this influencer boxing stuff, I beat the top of the tree. Jake Paul’s the best out of all of these, so all this now is easy money, baby.”

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