Jake Paul was told NOT to take on fight against Hasim Rahman Jr

Jake Paul was told NOT to take on fight against Hasim Rahman Jr by the New York State athletic commission with the 13-time professional fighter said to have too much experience for the relative YouTuber novice

  • Jake Paul will fight Hasim Rahman Jr at Madison Square Garden on August 6
  • The YouTuber was advised against taking the fight by New York’s athletic board
  • Hasim Rahman Jr is the first professional boxer Jake Paul has faced so far

Jake Paul was advised not to take on the fight against Hasim Rahman Jr. by New York’s athletic commission, it has been claimed. 

The YouTuber-turned-professional boxer will fight the 13-time professional fighter Rahman Jr on August 6 at Madison Square Garden after his planned fight with Tommy Fury collapsed. 

Rahman Jr, the son of former heavyweight champion Hasim Sr who beat Lennox Lewis famously, has extensive experience in amateur bouts, having had over 100 fights. 

The YouTuber-turned-boxer is set to face American Hasim Rahman Jr (right) on August 6

Speaking to Boxing Scene, Paul’s coach BJ Flores said: ‘The New York State athletic commission advised against it.

‘They said Rahman was too experienced. Rahman had over 100 amateur fights and has 13 professional fights plus he’s used to fighting bigger guys.

‘He grew up around boxing and boxing himself in amateur tournaments.’

Despite Rahman Jr being stopped in his last bout by heavyweight Kenzie Morrison, Flores still urged his man to take the fight with caution as his opponent possesses the skills to hurt the former YouTube star. 

Rahman Jr is the first man that Paul has faced with a background in professional boxing

‘Rahman was beating a 20-0 undefeated heavyweight in Kenzie Morrison 4 rounds to 0 before the stoppage,’ he said. 

‘It was 40-36 on all three scorecards. This is a dangerous fight.’

Rahman Jr, who has already engaged with Paul in a war of words over a number of issues including fighters’ pay, has warned that his opponent is going to get ‘seriously hurt’ in the fight. 

Rahman Jr will be the first professional boxer Paul has faced in his relatively short spell in the sport. 

‘He’s gonna get seriously hurt, he’s gonna get seriously hurt in this fight,’ he said. ‘I’m gonna hurt this man and all the stuff he’s been saying is just fuel to the fire.

‘He picked the wrong person and like I said, I’m gonna punish him on August 6,’ he added.

Paul is said to be claiming all of the PPV money for the bout at Madison Square Garden 

‘He’s a fraud. He don’t even know what he be talking about (sic), he don’t even know what he be saying (sic). I don’t know if he got people to tell him what to say but he look stupid.’

Rahman Jr has taken issue with Paul over his opponent’s campaigning for UFC fighters to be paid more but then allegedly not sharing any of the PPV money with him for their August 6 bout. 

‘How you gonna say you carrying the promotion but you not even giving me anything in return? What, I’m supposed to help you and do skits with you?

‘I’m not into that. I’m not into none of that. I’m here to do my job, and my job is to separate him from his consciousness. So that’s what it’s gonna be on Aug 6.’

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