Jake Paul’s altercation with Tyron Woodley which lead to boxing fight

Jake Paul will announce his fourth professional boxing bout later today against former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley.

Mirror Fighting sources have confirmed that the bout, which does not yet have a date, will take place later this year and is the first on Paul's new deal with Showtime Sports.

And it is a sizable improvement in quality of matchup for the Ohio native, with Woodley a proven top striker during his reigns as UFC and Strikeforce champion.

But the roots of the rivalry between Paul and Woodley stretch back to last month when the pair were involved in an altercation at Paul's last bout with Ben Askren in Atlanta.

Woodley, who was cornering close friend Askren, was in Paul's dressing room before the fight to watch the YouTube star putting on his gloves.

It is standard practice in boxing for an opposition cornerman to spend time in the other fighter's dressing room, to watch for any irregularities with the gloves.

But the process became heated when Paul, Woodley and former boxer and Paul's cornerman J'Leon Love found themselves engaged in a verbal back-and-forth.

“Before going out to Atlanta, my mom said, ‘I’m praying for you, I got a feeling somebody is trying to be getting all up in you,' Woodley told ESPN of the incident.

“So when I went to check Jake’s gloves and the person [J'Leon Love] who had never spoken, ever, walks around and said, ‘You don’t know nothing about these gloves’ and it is in that clip that everybody has seen.

“First thing Jake said to me was, ‘You’re here for clout,' and I said, ‘Don’t play with me, because you know I don’t f****** play those games.’

"At that point, he froze up and his little act and his character was stifled. Those guys are fans, he know he doesn’t want to play those f****** games because he knows what I could do.”

Paul went on on to stop Askren inside the first round and then called called out former champion Woodley, whose resume of wins includes a knockout finish of Robbie Lawlor, and defeats of high-level strikers Stephen Thompson and Darren Till.

And while it appeared that Woodley wouldn't be able to fight Paul due to his UFC contract and Dana White's insistence that he wouldn't 'loan' a fighter out to face the YouTube star, his release later that month allowed for this bout to take place

“After the fight, he said he wanted to fight me,” Woodley aqdded. “I’m the same weight, you had a lot to say in the locker room, so let’s fight.

“That’s when you hear the crickets, because some people are really built for this and some people are not. It’s not even an MMA fighter fighting a YouTuber – it’s a man fighting a man.

“You’re talking s*** so let’s handle it. And I really don’t think he got the balls, I don’t think he would do it. He didn’t pick out me, he didn’t pick out Conor [McGregor], he didn’t pick out [Jorge] Masvidal.

"He picked out Ben Askren because he felt like he was not known for his striking.

“Don’t get it twisted; I got my name from gang banging and fighting, I got paid to f*** people up. I was verified on the street before I got verified on Instagram. People know me and my family name from fighting.

“I’m from the murder capital of the US, people don’t play games with me.”

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