Jeff Mayweather slams Mike Tyson for praising Conor McGregor

‘I don’t think he won one round’: Floyd Mayweather’s uncle questions Mike Tyson after boxing legend praised Conor McGregor’s skills during Irishman’s defeat by his nephew in 2017

  • Jeff Mayweather has dismissed Mike Tyson’s praise of Conor McGregor 
  • Floyd Mayweather stopped McGregor in 10 rounds when they fought in 2017
  • Tyson lauded McGregor for taking on ‘the greatest fighter in the last 100 years’
  • Jeff Mayweather says McGregor didn’t win one round and would lose a rematch

Floyd Mayweather’s uncle Jeff has taken a swipe at Mike Tyson after the former world heavyweight world champion praised Conor McGregor’s boxing skills. 

The UFC star ventured into the ring in August 2017 to fight Mayweather at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, losing by TKO in the 10th round. 

Tyson subsequently gave McGregor credit for almost going the distance with ‘the greatest fighter in the last 100 years of boxing.’ 

Jeff Mayweather says Floyd could beat Conor McGregor ’10 years from now if he wanted to’

Now Jeff Mayweather, formerly IBO super featherweight champion in 1994, has claimed his nephew could have knocked McGregor out ‘anytime he wanted to’ during the contest. 

He said on his YouTube channel: ‘I don’t think Mike Tyson said that s***.

‘Okay, he implied it, but the thing is, did Conor McGregor win? I don’t give a f*** how good he did. Did he win?

Mike Tyson lauded McGregor after going 10 rounds with ‘greatest fighter in the last 100 years’

‘He gassed out. He got knocked out. I think Floyd could have knocked Conor McGregor out anytime he wanted to.

‘Any other fighter other than Floyd would knock Conor McGregor out in one or two rounds. I don’t know where they believe that s*** when his a** didn’t win. And I don’t think he won one round.’

Notorious tried to put Mayweather under pressure in the early rounds with high energy bursts, but tired as the fight wore on in Nevada. 

The Irishman also risked disqualification by persistently clinching and rabbit punching, never truly challenging a 40-year-old who added a 50th win to his perfect record.

McGregor believes it’s ‘inevitable’ that he will step into the ring to fight Mayweather once more

According to Forbes, Mayweather earned 275 million dollars (£226m) through the fight and McGregor 85m (£69m) and the 31-year-old says a rematch is ‘inevitable’. 

Yet Jeff Mayweather affirms Floyd would win a second fight, even though the five-weight world champion is now 43-years-old. 

He continued: ‘I think Floyd would be a favorite until he’s 65 against Conor. Realistically, I’d say 50. I think Floyd would beat Conor at 50 if he wanted to. He doesn’t have to be.

‘I think realistically as I said, Floyd would beat Conor McGregor ten years from now and maybe fifteen years from now if he chose to.

‘Of course, he does,’ said Jeff in responding to being told that McGregor wants a rematch with Mayweather. ‘Any mother f**** that made $100 million in one fight, of course.’

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