Jorge Masvidal to seek UFC’s permission to fight Logan or Jake Paul

Jorge Masvidal has requested the UFC allows him to step into the boxing ring to entertain a fight with either Logan or Jake Paul.

Masvidal and Jake Paul were on good terms before the YouTube star knocked out Ben Askren earlier this year.

Things changed when Masvidal predicted his former training partner Tyron Woodley would score a knockout win over Paul when the two met last month.

Paul slammed Masvidal turning his back on him and labelled him as an "airhead". 'The Problem Child' would go on to defeat former UFC champion Woodley by split decision.

And talking after an All Elite Wrestling event with his American Top Team training partners, Masvidal expressed his desire to "break" the Paul brothers' faces.

He told ESPN : “I’m gonna beat up all the Pauls. If they put money in my pocket, that Logan Paul dude, Jake Paul, whoever Paul dudes – if they put money in my pocket, of course I’d like to break some Disney characters’ faces.

"I’ve been fighting men who have been training since 7, 8 years old to do the same thing to me what I want to do to them. Fighting guys like (the Pauls) is a bonus, man.

"Who the f*** is this Paul kid? He thinks we're friends, because I gave him some advice in the Ben Askren fight.

"Get the f*** out of here, bro. I'll slap you and whoever the f*** you want, bro. I'm a fighter. Of course you're gonna get offended.

“UFC would have to sign off, but nothing is impossible. Dana doesn’t like those guys and Dana knows I’ll go in there and put a hurting on those kids. Maybe he does send in the f****** assassin.”

The Paul brothers have been at the forefront of celebrity boxing in the last year. Logan fought fellow social media star KSI twice and most recently competed in an exhibition bout against Floyd Mayweather.

Jake has been on a meteoric rise in professional boxing after knocking out Askren and defeating Woodley. He is 4-0 inside the ring and is linked to a fight with Tommy Fury next.

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And Paul thinks Masvidal's sudden change of attitude doesn't come as much of a surprise.

He said: “If you want to switch up – at one moment he’s my friend – he’s saying, ‘Let’s train, let’s do a video together. You come to my bakery down the street I want to do a thing with you.

"Then, oh, snap, all of a sudden he wants to switch up. That’s now how I was raised. Not here in Ohio. If you want me to be your friend, I’m your friend. If he wants to switch up, hoes will be hoes.”

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