Logan and Jake Paul are 'different' and 'put eyes on combat sports', says Matt Riddle

Logan and Jake Paul’s involvement in boxing is a “win, win, win opportunity”, according to Matt Riddle, who traded UFC for WWE.

The brothers who transcended their superstar status as YouTube influencers to become professional boxers have been involved in major bouts – Logan boxed Floyd Mayweather last month, and Jake will fight Tyron Woodley on August 29.

“It puts eyes on combat sports,” Riddle, who was an MMA fighter before crossing into the sports-entertainment world, told Sky Sports. “There is lots of money!

“[Jake Paul’s former opponent Ben Askren] made more money in one night than he did in his whole career, and Woodley is about to do the same.

“All the trash talk and drama? That’s society today. It’s how you sell tickets.


“These YouTubers and influencers are really good at it. You can say ‘these people are useless’ but no, they are not.

“They are making money, people are watching, they create content. With a cell phone in their house, they are doing it better than most people.

“People aren’t appreciating that. I had a hard time appreciating it at first.

“Now, I see the value.

“You would be stupid not to take advantage of it.

“If I got an opportunity? Hell yeah, bring it. After I whup them in their ring, come to my ring in the WWE and I’ll whup you again.

“We’d all make tons of money, WWE too, they get more fans, I get more fans – it’s a win, win, win opportunity.

“People can laugh and say ‘that fight is a joke’. And some of them are a joke, some of them are hilarious, some people should not be in that ring and we know it.

“But at the same time, it’s entertainment and I enjoy it.

“It’s different.”

Crazy press week but finally got time to get to a FedEx to ship this to Dustin🙏🏼

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Jake Paul has won all three of his boxing matches via knockout and will next face Woodley, a former UFC champion making his in-ring debut.

But he has been taunting Conor McGregor, the UFC superstar who lost last weekend to Dustin Poirier after sustaining a serious leg injury.

Jake Paul had created a $100,000 chain of McGregor’s image which he is now sending to Poirier.

He also said this week: “I am the most impactful 3-0 boxer in history. No fighter has ever accomplished what I’ve accomplished after three fights. People say I don’t deserve it but I’m earning more than any fighter, three fights in.

“I haven’t been hit in the face in three fights. That’s a fact. That’s unheard of for a professional boxer.

“I want to add experience. I want to go after Canelo in three years. I want to be a world champion.”

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