Logan Paul mocks Mike Tyson with teasing message after Mayweather exhibition

YouTuber Logan Paul has mocked six-time heavyweight champion Mike Tyson after his bout with Floyd Mayweather last night.

Tyson appeared on Paul’s podcast, Impaulsive, in December 2020 where he predicted Mayweather to comfortably beat Paul in their bout.

The fight ended last night with no conclusive winner, and Paul took a dig at Tyson for his prediction from over six months ago in the post-fight press conference.

In the press conference, Paul says: “Mike Tyson is on it (the podcast).

“He told me on my own podcast ‘Floyd’s going to beat your f—-ng a–,’ that’s what he said…well, he didn’t beat my f—-ng a–, Mike!”

He also posted a clip of the dig on his official Instagram story with the caption “I made a list of people who said I had no chance.”

Post-fight, Paul also confirmed the possibility of his younger brother, Jake, squaring off against Mayweather at some point in the future.

Paul’s fight with Mayweather was often criticized for its lack of action, with many believing the fighters were conservative and failed to provide value for money.

“I had fun, I’m not 21 anymore,” said Mayweather after the fight.

“He’s (Paul) a great, young fighter better than I thought he was. He’s a tough raw competitor, I was surprised by him tonight.”

“I want to thank all the fans who came out, I want to thank the fans who bought pay per view.”

Mayweather said last week that he expected to earn between $50m and $100m from the fight.

Paul, meanwhile, was guaranteed $250,000 and a 10% cut of pay-per-view earnings.

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