Mayweather vows to put Jake Paul in a NECK BRACE after furious clash

Floyd Mayweather warns he will put Jake Paul in a NECK BRACE if he ‘disrespects’ him again after taking his hat during furious clash with the YouTuber as he prepares to face off against his brother Logan

  • Floyd Mayweather has sent a stern warning to Jake Paul after their angry clash 
  • The undefeated fighter gave Paul a black eye after stealing his hat this month
  • ‘Money’ vowed to put him in a neck brace if he ‘keeps ‘f***ing with me’ 
  • Mayweather faces Paul’s brother Logan in an eight-round exhibition on Sunday 

Floyd Mayweather delivered a stark warning to YouTube star Jake Paul after their furious confrontation last month – vowing to put him in a neck brace if he ever disrespects him again.

Paul was left nursing a black eye after he stole Mayweather’s hat at a press conference for the legendary boxer’s fight with his brother Logan earlier this month, triggering angry scenes as ‘Money’ chased him around the venue. 

The 44-year-old had laid into the internet personality, yelling: ‘Don’t disrespect me like that, you don’t know who you’re f*****g playing with!’ as security guards were forced to rip the pair apart.

Floyd Mayweather has promised to put Jake Paul (R) in a neck brace if he pranks him again 

The undefeated star slammed Paul for ‘disrespecting’ him at a press conference this month

Paul was left with a black eye after he stole the boxer’s hat, triggering an angry brawl  

Ahead of his eight-round exhibition bout against Logan on Sunday, Mayweather slammed Paul as ‘totally disrespectful’ and vowed to leave him with more than just a shiner should he ever pull a prank on him again.  

‘I’m nothing to play with,’ he said while speaking with Showtime. ‘I ain’t one for the jokes, that’s why you ended up with two black eyes.

‘That was totally disrespectful, your nose got f***ed up and your teeth got chipped – keep f***ing with me and next time you’re going to end up in a neck brace.’

Jake Paul – who has reportedly agreed face former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley in his next fight – has since goaded Mayweather over the incident – even selling T-shirts and other merchandise carrying the words ‘gotcha hat’.

He has won the first three fights of his career – stopping fellow internet star Ali Escon Gib, former basketball player Nate Robinson and ex-UFC star Ben Askren.

His streak has fuelled his desire to take on a number of high profile fighters – with Tyson Fury’s brother Tommy mooted as a possible opponent. 

Despite his tense rivalry with Mayweather, the 50-0 star will take on his brother Logan – who has also taken a swipe at him ahead of their highly-anticipated showdown in Miami.

Logan called Mayweather a ‘pipsqueak’ and promised it would be ‘the worst day of his life’ as he risks his unbeaten record against the unfancied fighter – who lost the only professional fight of his career vs KSI in 2019. 

Mayweather will face Jake’s brother Logan in an eight-round exhibition fight on Sunday

 ‘Floyd Mayweather is so excited that he made someone bleed in sparring,’ he said in a clip on social media. 

‘He posted the same picture twice from the same day, he’s so excited. Hey champ, you’re not the only person who makes people bleed in sparring. Who are you sparring bro? You’re sparring trash.

‘You pipsqueak. June 6 is going to be the worst day of your life dog. I’m going to make this so hard for you.’

Mayweather has only had one exhibition bout since his last professional fight back in 2017

Former middleweight champion Carl Froch fears that Mayweather risks ruining his entire legacy should he fall to a shock loss against Paul, insisting he could make a ‘mockery’ of his career if Paul causes him problems.

But the veteran fighter has no worries for the showdown, claiming he has ‘no strategy’ and will ‘pick’ which round to KO him.

He told Barstool Sports: ‘No strategy, I’ve just gotta show up. If I want it to go one round, it’ll go one round. If I want it to go two, (it’ll go) two. It’s all up to me.’ 

Mayweather ended his flawless professional career with a stoppage win over Conor McGregor in an epic crossover fight in 2017, before returning to action by cruising to victory against kickboxer Tenshin Nasukawa the following year.

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