Mike Tyson called Jake Paul "the GOAT" after learning about YouTube star

Mike Tyson "freaked out" and told Jake Paul he was "the GOAT" after learning that the YouTube star was born on January 17.

The boxing legend was trained by the iconic boxing coach Cus D'Amato, who shares a birthday with Paul, as well as one of the all-time best boxers Muhammad Ali.

And when Paul made Tyson aware of the coincidence, the former world heavyweight champion insisted that Paul was "the GOAT", meaning "Greatest Of All Time".

The YouTube star made an appearance on Tyson's podcast 'Hot Boxin' with Mike Tyson ' last year, although the episode was never fully released despite clips circulating online.

And while spending time with the boxing icon, with whom he shared a card in November of last year, Paul was told by Tyson that his success "made sense" due to his birthday.

"Muhammad Ali and I have the same birthday and I think it's weird," Paul told his brother Logan during an episode of his podcast Impaulsive.

"I think it means something; January 17 – Cus D'Amato; Mike Tyson's trainer is January 17 as well, I don't know man…

"When I sat with Mike Tyson on his podcast, he's so smart and wise, he was sitting next to me for like 20 minutes just preaching knowledge.

"And he goes 'you're the GOAT', January 17 people are not to be messed with'.

"When I told him my birthday he was like 'oh my God', he literally freaked out and he goes 'I see it now, it all makes sense, you need to study your astrology'!"

Paul viciously knocked out former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley in the sixth round of their rematch on Saturday night to go 5-0 as a professional boxer.

He and Woodley had fought to a split decision that Paul edged in August, and hastily arranged a second fight for last weekend when his original opponent Tommy Fury pulled out of the fight with an injury.

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The YouTube star has become one of the most divisive figures in the sport, but has been given the seal of approval on a number of occasions by Tyson.

He is now looking to take on a legitimate boxer with a professional record in his next outing, with his management claiming he has demanded a fight against former middleweight world champion Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.

Paul has also re-engaged with Fury, re-igniting their war of words last night by branding the Love Island star, his family and promoters "fake f***s" .

The YouTuber continuously mocked Fury during fight week, including in the aftermath of the bout when he warned him that he was "lucky" he picked up an injury and couldn't make the fight.

He also wore a custom ring walk outfit inspired by the Union Jack with a personalised message joking that Fury was watching on TV instead of making millions in the ring with his rival.

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