Retired boxer’s 30-second revenge on man who ‘trolled’ him on Facebook

Retired boxer Gavin Rees took just 30 seconds to dish out revenge to a 'troll' who had 'constantly abused' on Facebook.

Rees floored his adversary, Danny 'Slug' Evans, with a body shot inside half a minute of getting in the ring with him – then told him to "think before you open your trap again".

But not all is as it seems – as former WBA super lightweight champion Rees is actually Evans' coach, and was simply showing his protege that he's still got it as he approaches his 40th birthday.

Evans has refused to learn his lesson, though, and has called out Rees for a rematch, saying of the former world champ: "They will call him picasso as he spends most of the time on the canvas."

Rees, who held the WBA super lightweight title from 2007 to 2008 and has a 38-4-1 record, posted a video of their bout on Twitter, saying: "This old man ain't out yet."

He tweeted: "Only sparred once in the last 4 years. Been constantly abused on Facebook by some rude.

"Took less than 30seconds to shut him up.

"Danny Slug think before u open tha trap again. This old man ain't out yet."

The footage sparked a Twitter frenzy, with followers of Rees thinking Evans was an internet troll who had got in too deep.

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