Tommy Furys fellow Love Island star offers to face Jake Paul after pull-out

Idris Virgo has offered to step in and face Jake Paul as a late replacement for Tommy Fury after his confirmed withdrawal from the December bout.

Fury has pulled out of his long-awaited bout against Paul due to illness leaving the YouTube star to instead take on Tyron Woodley for a second time.

But Virgo, who had a stint on reality show Love Island, has vowed to prove he is the best in the UK by defeating Paul at "short notice".

"Tommy 'Fimbles' Fury has pulled out from the fight with Jake Paul, oh my days," Virgo told Hennessy Sports.

"Now as a fighting man I would be willing to step in at short notice and fight Jake Paul, what are you saying Jake Paul?

"Are you ready to face the best in the UK, the one and only body breaker. Jake Paul vs Idris Virgo on December 18, let's get it on."

Virgo currently fights out of the Hennessy Sports promotional stable, and is undefeated during his 12-fight professional career.

The 28-year-old featured on series four of the ITV reality show but was dumped after being a star for just four days.

However despite only having faced limited opposition during his career he now feels he is ready to launch a bid to face Paul.

The American star now faces an opponent crisis after Fury's withdrawal with their rivalry set to be settled in a hotly-anticipated showdown.

Paul's former opponent Woodley is now expected to finally get his shot at a second bout with Paul after previously being left out in the cold.

Woodley had a tattoo inked in a bid to secure a rematch meeting this year, but his rival was more focused on setting up a showdown with Fury.

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And Paul immediately denied the request from Woodley after the ink failed to meet the pre-stated conditions of the wager.

Despite being keen on the idea of further crossover bouts, Paul previously ruled out a second showdown with Woodley due to a lack of "interest".

Woodley was set to make an appearance on a separate boxing card next year but will first have a shot at revenge in under two weeks' time.

He hit out at Paul before hearing the potential news of his rematch opportunity claiming he "ran" from the danger that Woodley posed in their first clash.

“ Jake Paul is a b****,” Woodley said in an interview with MMA Junkie at this weekend's Triad Combat event in Texas.

“He didn’t want to fight, like, ‘You did it too late,’ no, you just didn’t want to fight, and they gave you a way out, and you took it and ran.

"It’s like a little kid in a playground, ‘Na, na, na, na, na,’ when they know they didn’t really win. Most people that watched the fight felt like I won the fight. I really didn’t walk away a loser in the fight. My ceiling doesn’t look different right now.”

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