Tyson Fury’s brilliant reaction to furry mascot

Tyson Fury aimed a dig at Deontay Wilder as he took down a teammate dressed as a furry mascot.

Earlier this month, Wilder landed a punch on a mascot while on live TV, sparking reports he had knocked him out.

The heavyweight world champion dismissed the claims and invited the shocked man to his fight with Fury in December.

And now Fury has been filmed taking care of a similar mascot as was being interviewed by BT Sport.

Fury said: "I’ve boxed at York Hall, that’s the Mecca of British boxing I’d say; and I’ve boxed at Madison Square Garden, the mecca of American boxing. I even boxed at the famous Blue Horizon where Rocky Balboa boxed in Rocky I."

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At that point Fury’s teammate appears dressed as a furry bear and Fury squares up to him and kicks him.

"That’s what we do," he says. "We don’t punch mascots, we just low-kick them. I thought it was a dog, a wild dog."

Fury is currently preparing to face Wilder on December 1 in Los Angeles.

The American was forced to apologise for hitting the mascot on Nacion ESPN after it was initially claimed he did not know there was a person inside the costume.

"Anything headlining I didn’t know a human being was in there is just straight click-baiting," Wilder said.

"I sincerely apologise to the brave man that was injured [if this is true]. I have the utmost respect for him, his participation, willingness and courage.

"If this [injured mascot] is true, I personally would like to invite him to my December 1 fight."

ESPN also released a statement, saying: "Wilder was encouraged to demonstrate his punching power by striking the mascot on ESPN Nacion. The blow knocked the mascot to the ground. Despite initial reports [that Wilder broke the man’s jaw], the man inside the costume was not injured by the punch."

Who wins this world heavyweight title fight?


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