Tyson Fury's cousin is brutally KNOCKED OUT by Ellis Zorro

Tyson Fury’s cousin Hosea Burton is KNOCKED OUT by Ellis Zorro with a brutal right hand in WBO European Cruiserweight title bout… before the event is marred by trouble with one member of the crowd knocked unconscious by a flying chair

  • Ellis Zorro produced a brutal right hand punch to knock out Hosea Burton
  • The 30-year-old had been trailing in the bout when he pulled out the punch
  • Event at York Hall then marred by crowd trouble with chairs and fists flying

Ellis Zorro potentially ended Hosea Burton’s boxing career on Friday night with a brutal punch at Bethnal Green’s York Hall, before the event was marred by crowd trouble.

The 30-year-old had been struggling in the bout up to the seventh round, with Burton, who is Tyson Fury’s cousin, appearing to lead at that stage. 

However, with blood beginning to stream from both fighters and fatigue starting to set in, Zorro pulled something from the last vestiges of his being to produce a sensational finish.

With Burton having gone down once in the round, with the referee adjudging it not to be a knockdown, Zorro pushed him back onto the ropes and produced a brutal right hand to lay him flat on the canvas.

As Zorro danced joyously around the ring, the referee knelt over Burton and called the fight as his corner rushed in to provide care.

Ellis Zorro found a brutal right hand to end the fight as they both started to show signs of fatigue

The 34-year-old Hosea Burton had said pre-fight he would retire if he lost to Zorro

Zorro put in what is surely the performance of his career to date to produce such a heavy knockout blow

WARNING: Explicit language in the video below

Fortunately for all involved, Burton got back onto his feet shortly after with Zorro receiving congratulations from all connected to him.

Zorro’s own nose appeared busted, with his trainer having to clear blood from his face following the bout, showing the close nature of the fight before he produced a quite brilliant single right hand to end it as a contest.

It marks perhaps the single biggest moment in the career of Zorro to date, while Burton, at 34, is surely now facing retirement in the face having said beforehand he would call it quits if he lost.

‘If I can’t beat somebody like [Ellis Zorro], what good am I doing being a boxer,’ he had said pre-fight. ‘I can earn more money going to work.’

Meanwhile, the event at Bethnal Green’s famous York Hall was marred by crowd trouble after the event.

Footage circulated widely on social media showing a packed ring with team members leaning against the ropes watching on as fans threw chairs and fists at each other.

Zorro’s punch secured him the WBO European Cruiserweight title as he now plots his next path 

The event was marred by crowd trouble after the main event with a member of the crowd knocked out by a flying chair

Stewards, in the footage filmed from another crowd member sat on the gallery above, tried in vain to stop the chaos but could not do so. 

One chair thrown from close to the ring caught an individual on the side of the head, sending him in a crumbling heap onto the ground.

Most people watching on appeared to realise what had occurred, with profanities heard in the footage circulated, while a man close to the individual hurt had to be restrained from confronting the culprit.

Stewards stepped in to offer the man medical assistance as he lay flat on his back.

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