Tyson’s verdict on Mayweather being ‘the best ever’ ahead of Paul fight

Footage has resurfaced of Mike Tyson questioning Floyd Mayweather's boxing record as he prepares to take on Logan Paul.

The American has made controversial plans to meet the YouTube star in February, though a venue has yet to be agreed.

The two will meet in an exhibition clash in the ring and will, therefore, not be added to Mayweather's professional boxing record.

Money boasts quite the record, winning all 50 of his matches.

His repertoire includes the likes of Manny Pacquiao, Canelo Alvarez, Oscar De La Hoya and Ricky Hatton.

Mayweather is often noted as one of, if not, the best boxers of all time.

But Tyson has previously disputed that claim, naming other stars to have more wins than TBE.

He said: “Floyd’s a great fighter, don’t get me wrong, but he had 50 fights.

“Listen, Sugar Ray Robinson had 47 fights, he lost one, and he had 78 fights, a 78-fight winning streak (officially recorded as 88). With 60 knockouts.

“Don’t tell me about the greatest fighter with 50-0. He’s a great fighter no doubt about it, but 50-0.

"[Julio Cesar] Chavez had 90 (official record 107-6-3), he was fighting like eight times a year against whoever fought him, against whoever was in the rankings.”

And during an appearance on Paul’s podcast ‘imPaulsive’, Tyson insisted the online superstar is on his way to a beating.

When asked by co-host Mike Maljak for his Mayweather vs Paul prediction, to which he replied: “Floyd’s gonna beat his f****** a**.”

Paul and his co-hosts were sent into a fit of laughter, before he added: “But it’s gonna be good, he’s gonna fight back though! He’s gonna fight back.”

Tyson has just come off the back of his own exhibition bout, his first time in the ring for 15 years.

He took on Roy Jones Jr in December in the biggest pay-per-view event of the year but the match ended in a draw.

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