Explosive statements by Danielle Hardwick and Brooke Cotchin reveal Richmond divide

Any hope the Richmond Football Club had of Damien Hardwick’s separation from his wife and beginning of a new relationship with a Tigers employee being played out privately is becoming thinner by the day.

Any similar hope Tigers fans held that this was a personal matter that had no bearing on the coach’s relationships with his players or team harmony also appears fraught.

Last night Danielle Hardwick, whose husband has begun a controversial relationship with the Richmond commercial sales team’s Alexandra Crow, ended her silence since the end of her marriage was made public.

In a damning Instagram post, the mother-of-three appeared to send a clear message to those involved in the situation.

It read: “F**k every single person that took advantage of your kindness and mistook it for weakness.”

The post Danielle Hardwick published on Instagram.Source:Instagram

Many of the Tiger faithful have reacted to the Herald Sun’s revelation of Hardwick’s new romance by arguing his separation from Danielle could have been amicable and there is no hurt created by him beginning another relationship so soon.

Danielle’s post appears to suggest otherwise.

But that wasn’t the only social media action that would have sent tremors through the AFL’s premier football club.

The wife of club captain Trent Cotchin, Brooke, also had a message to convey to the footy public, posting a photograph of Danielle holding her child captioned: “Strength, courage, dignity.”

Brooke Cotchin. (Photo by Scott Barbour/Getty Images)Source:Getty Images

Brooke Cotchin continues to support Danielle Hardwick publicly.Source:Instagram

The tight bond between the Cotchins and Danielle Hardwick was highlighted when they spent Christmas morning together last year.

Brooke referred to Danielle and her children as their “second family” in a heartfelt Instagram post.

“What a special Christmas Morning. Our hearts are full. Love you Cotchins,” Danielle replied.

Brooke has clearly sided with Danielle.

Where Trent stands and what impact his coach’s private life will have on their working relationship is unclear.

The Herald Sun reported the news has “rocked staff within the club and could affect the playing group”.

But Richmond is adamant Hardwick’s job is secure despite intense speculation in recent days he was preparing to stand down and that his relationship with Ms Crow has been signed off on.

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