Cheltenham-winning jockey broke her neck in fall – and didn’t realise for weeks

Cheltenham Festival-winning jockey Bridget Andrews suffered a broken neck after walking away from a heavy fall at Warwick's final fence on April 21.

Andrews had been one of the favourites heading into the meet when riding Dazzling Glory, but she fell at the final hurdle. Despite the scary-looking fall, Andrews walked away from the fall, and continued her day-to-day life.

However, after feeling some discomfort in her neck, Andrews decided to head to the hospital to check it out. And to the jockey's shock, she discovered fractures in her C2 and C6 vertebra, as well as a crack in her T5.

"Initially, I got up and thought I was okay. And then I hadn't really got better in the few days afterwards and went for an MRI scan on my back and my neck," she said, via the Racing Post.

"Nothing really showed up. I had a few more x-rays and still nothing showed up. I eventually went for a CT scan, just to clear it all up and hopefully get back to race-riding if it was all clear and it turned out I had broken my neck in three places."

"The stewards gave me the head-on footage, so I could show it to the doctors."

She continued: "Looking back, there's no way I could have been okay, from the way I landed. I obviously was walking round for two weeks, not having realised. So that showed everything was stable.

"I'm now in a neck brace and I'll be in that for around another four weeks. They're all stable fractures and all in line. The neck specialist was confident that, as long as I went steady, it would heal on its own."

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