Cubs fan basks in hat act glory, Wrigley Field’s reaction offers insight into humanity

A Cubs fan named Yogi showed off his obscure hat-balancing talent Monday, keeping the brim of his team cap on his forehead as he danced in the Wrigley Field bleachers.

Fans got a kick out of the 30-second show, giving him a hearty applause. NBC Sports Chicago’s broadcast had fun with the moment, too.

“It feels really wonderful,” Yogi said in a TV interview afterward. “I feel so famous already. Ooh-wee.”

As he was being interviewed, the crowd chanted his name.

Yogi said he’d been doing various had tricks since 2005, when he participated in a circus show. His audacious brim manuever is newer, though, originating around 2017.

“You gotta focus,” explained Yogi on his execution of the move.

There are two types of people in these ballpark situations: The ones who join in on the moment and the ones who would do almost anything to escape it.

As Yogi performed, a man next to him stood and began shimmying. Others clapped or excitedly recorded with their phones. These people were the comfortable extroverts, able to withstand attention without melting into a puddle of existential shame. Good for them. 

Then there was the man in the row above Yogi staring holes into the innards his phone, hoping the show would just end and perhaps wondering why fun can sometimes make you feel as if you’ve drifted outside of your body. There was also a girl sitting in the row ahead of Yogi, forced to pretend the on-field action was more interesting than the happenings just behind her, seemingly quite unhappy with the sudden spotlight. 

We’re here to support the second group during this difficult time. 

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