LOOK: What if every MLB team had its own NHL uniform? Here’s what jerseys might look like

The visualization of “what if [one sport] had the uniforms of [another sport]?” is not a new trend on the internet, but it’s always a creative thought exercise that brings pretty interesting results. Seeing how a team’s branding translates to a completely different sport can be fun, if not occasionally jarring. 

The latest example of this trend comes from Ferry Designs, who envisioned what it would look like if every MLB team had their own hockey jersey. 

The graphic designer took on all 30 baseball clubs and gave them each their own full uniform, tackling each division one-by-one. 

If you look close, you’ll notice that the Orioles’ logo has swapped out a bat for a hockey stick, and that sort of attention to detail should not go under-appreciated. It’s hard not to wonder if the Yankees’ classic pinstriped look would translate to the ice…

Chief Wahoo is getting pushed out of baseball, so I’m not sure the Indians would be able to get away with a huge version of the logo on their hockey sweaters. However, the rest of these are pretty great — especially the White Sox and Royals.

The Astros, Athletics and Mariners iterations are all incredible. The Angels’ uniform using the old school logo paired with the original Mighty Ducks jersey design is a pretty cool touch. 

My goodness, that Phillies one is an absolute masterpiece.

All of these are winners, though I wish the Brewers replaced the navy with their more vibrant royal blue — in real life and in this exercise. Swapping out the baseball for a hockey puck in the logo is another neat touch, though. Going with the Cardinals’ powder blue was the correct choice.

The Giants’ black-on-black might be my least favorite of the whole crop, but the rest of them range from pretty solid to very good. That being said, the Rockies are the clear winners here.

Overall, a very nice job done on these. Sometimes we see a graphic designer take on a project like this and completely butcher it due to lack of creativity, lack of attention to detail, lack of a good eye, or some combination of the three. It’s actually a shame that most of these will never actually see the light of day. 

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