Marlins continue makeover under Derek Jeter, hint at new logo after removing home run sculpture from outfield

The Miami Marlins spent last winter trading star after star, shedding their on-the-field identity in the process. This offseason, it appears the Marlins are intent on altering their image in other ways. Indeed, the Marlins tweeted a teaser on Monday that seems to confirm they’ll have a new logo, new uniforms, and new colors once the 2019 season rolls around. Take a look:

At face value, the Marlins’ tweet signifies nothing. But, as Chris Creamer of pointed out, the image appears to validate leaks from October suggesting the Fish are getting rid of the technicolor-style logo in favor of a more simple, classic design — one that, evidently, is more pleasing to Derek Jeter and ownership. You can click through to see what the Marlins’ new logo will supposedly look like.

You may (or may not) wonder how Marlins Man is taking all of this. Here’s a status check courtesy of Mr. Man’s timeline:

More important than any matter of fabric, thread, or brand (human or otherwise) is that the Marlins have also removed the home run sculpture (known informally as the Dinger Machine) from their outfield. It was a move they previously planned, but it leaves an enormous literal and figurative void:

Change is as eternal as life and love. That doesn’t make it any easier when it reminds us of that in these most unwelcome ways.

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