MLB salary proposal: Explaining the controversial pay cuts owners want players to accept

MLB on Tuesday proposed salary reductions to all players for 2020 that would drastically alter earnings around the league, according to ESPN’s Jeff Passan.

Rather than simply prorate salaries to an 82-game (or thereabout) season, MLB wants to cut more than half of what players would typically be owed under their contracts.

The league and its players are negotiating possible contract terms for an abridged 2020 season this week.

Passan outlined the manner in which proposed cuts would impact both ends of the MLB earnings scale. Those slated to get $35 million this year — such as Nolan Arenado, Stephen Strasburg and Gerrit Cole — would receive less than $8 million under the league’s suggested terms. Those in line to get the usual minimum of $563,500 would instead get $262,000.

The MLBPA is not on board with the proposal and is “disappointed” at the offering, according to ESPN.

Tuesday also brought front-office furloughs and pay cuts around baseball, from the free-spending Dodgers to the A’s.

Further budget-trimming around the league could be imminent as teams try to limit losses during the pandemic.

A couple of players have reacted to Tuesday’s news, and we’ll add more reactions as they come in:

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