Poirier wants himself and McGregor to 'be dripping blood' at UC 257

Dustin Poirier wants himself and Conor McGregor to ‘be dripping blood, and suffering early in the fight’ to tee up gruelling battle at UFC 257 after slumping to quick KO defeat in 2014

  • Conor McGregor faces Dustin Poirier in rematch on January 23 at UFC 257 
  • Their first fight back in 2014 was finished by the Irishman inside two minutes
  • Poirier wants the contest to be able to ‘blossom’ this time with both suffering 
  • He said: ‘I want is for us to both be dripping blood and hurting early on’ 

Dustin Poirier wants to ‘be dripping with blood’ along with Conor McGregor early on in their UFC 257 showdown. 

The first time they locked horns back in 2014 ended in a stoppage victory for McGregor inside the first couple of the minutes. 

This time around, Poirier is desperate for the fight to develop into a brutal scrap so it can become a battle of will as well as skill.   

Dustin Poirier wants to be dripping with blood along with Conor McGregor in their rematch

The first fight between the pair ended inside the first two minutes back in 2014

Ahead of the January 23 contest, he told Theo Vonn: ‘I didn’t even get to fight you know, the fight didn’t even get to blossom you know. 

‘But that’s fighting anything can happen under those lights. I want if you tell him a game plan and what I want is for us to both be dripping blood and hurting and suffering early in the fight. He then we can find out who’s a real fighter. You know, that’s what I want.

He went on: ‘I want to be bleeding. With a minute off the first round clock. I want to us both to be bleeding and really have to dig down and see who’s the better fighter, see who really wants to be in there. 

‘You know, because I don’t have a safety net. This is I want to be in there. Yeah, and I  know that I know that, and I’d like to find out if he does.’

A glancing left hand to the top of Poirier’s head proved decisive in their first encounter after some even exchanges early on. 

No doubt many fans would echo Poirier’s wish for a more drawn out fight this time around but McGregor is renowned as a fast starter.

He dispatched Donald Cerrone in 40 seconds in his last fight of January 2020 before retiring out of frustration at the lack of activity being sent his way by the UFC. 

Although the organisation has not declared this upcoming bout for the belt, the winner will surely be at the front of the queue to become lightweight champion given that Khabib Nurmagomedov has retired and shows no signs of a return in the immediate future.  

Poirier wants this fight to have a chance to ‘blossom’ and go on into the later rounds

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