Alex Rodriguez lets Anthony Edwards know who he is in brief Instagram exchange


Alex Rodriguez, fresh off losing out on buying the Mets, came up with a Plan B and ended up buying the NBA’s Minnesota Timberwolves (alongside Marc Lore), leading to standout rookie Anthony Edwards claiming to not know who the former AL MVP is.

The new ‘Wolves owner took some time out of his day to say hey to his player on Instagram.

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A-Rod had been one of baseball’s best — and more controversial — players throughout his MLB career, and his recent relationship with superstar entertainer Jennifer Lopez has made plenty of headlines, too. 

But …

The Timberwolves’ standout rookie is just 19, meaning he wasn’t around when Alex Rodriguez made his MLB debut in the ’90s. He wasn’t yet terrorizing defenses when A-Rod was traded to the Yankees — he was 3 years old.

Feel old yet?

Sure, we can point to MLB’s long-standing tradition of not promoting its players properly, a fight it’s still having (and kind of losing) in 2021. But Edwards, for whatever the reason, doesn’t feel the need to know who A-Rod is, and that’s just fine.

Just hope they can get together before A-Rod starts signing the checks.

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