Fans in mourning as mother and son plunge to death at San Diego baseball stadium

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A mother and son both tragically died after falling from the third-level concourse at a baseball game on Saturday.

The Petco Park stadium was about to host the baseball match between San Diego Padres and Atlanta Braves in the National League when the atrocity happened, with reports confirming the pair were officially pronounced dead that same afternoon.

A spokesperson from the local police department, Lt. Andra Brown revealed they are unable to disclose the full details of the incident.

Brown confirmed that the police had spoken to the father of the child – who was also in attendance at the stadium.

Brown told CBS 8 San Diego: “We are speaking to the father of the child. They are not married but we have the father of the child here and we are speaking with him."

As well as this he also offered his condolences and thoughts to the family of the mother and child, as well as the spectators at Petco Park who witnessed the fall.

He added: "Our hearts obviously go out to the family, but also to the people who here could potentially be traumatised who saw this.

“It’s a horrible, horrible thing. That’s why we’re giving it a very serious look.”

The police have also encouraged any witnesses or onlookers from the scene to come forward with any information regarding the fall in a bid to “give the family some peace”.

The National League match still went ahead as scheduled, as the visiting Braves defeated the home team 4-3.

Following the event a number of people took to social media, including MLB blogger and podcaster Dan Clark who tweeted: “OMG, just learning of the tragic death of a mom and her son at Petco Park tonight.

“Horrible story, just horrible. Thinking of all those impacted and sending strength their way – family, friends, witnesses, first responders, etc. Heartbreaking, just heartbreaking.”

Clark’s tweet was met by fans questioning why the game still took place following the deaths.

One fan replied: “Why did they play the game after this?! Hard to think of seeing this happen and then settling into your seat with a hot dog and beer. Cancel the game, this is traumatic.”

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