Kevin Love on trade rumors: ‘I do want to be’ with Cavaliers

Kevin Love doesn’t want to leave Cleveland despite trade speculation as the team looks to rebuild this season.

“I do want to be here. I always have,” Love told “I say that knowing it’s the NBA and it’s a business. I think especially after seeing last year, the summer leading up to last year and this summer, the changeover is like unprecedented so you don’t know what is going to happen.

“If they decide to go completely young … and that could be the case, but it’s funny, my agent didn’t call me one time this summer to say, ‘Hey, you’re getting traded, there’s talks that this is happening.’ Of course, somehow it’s still out there and people are talking about, ‘Oh, Kevin would be great here or great there.’ I just keep it moving and try to do right by these guys because we have a good group.”

Love, 31, signed a four-year, $120 million extension with Cleveland last year, but was still the subject of multiple trade rumors over the summer because the franchise opted to go with a younger roster.

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