Tour de France cyclist crashes into back of team car at ferocious speed mid-race

A shocking incident occurred in the Tour de France when a cyclist crashed into the back of a team car. In an incident that could and should have been avoided, New Zealand’s Jack Bauer was left with nowhere to go and slammed into the vehicle after getting caught in between the car and a press motorbike.

A truly dramatic chain of events during stage 18 began when Nils Eekhoff (DSM) crashed on a narrow road, forcing a UAE Team Emirates team car to slam on the brakes.

A furious Bauer returned to his feet and immediately scolded the press motorbike. “That’s the first Tour de France you’ve driven in,” he fumed.

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After witnessing the frightening incident, Carlton Kirby on Eurosport commentary exclaimed: “Oh no! No! No space being left by the press. That was terrible. Nightmare. Just shows you lots of things can fade in terms of challenges, but also brains occasionally.”

Thankfully the Kiwi was unharmed and hopped on a spare bike before continuing with his race. This is the latest incident involving team vehicles in the event, as Mads Pedersen was almost wiped off his bike when an excitable team car nearly swerved into his path during stage four.

Then in stage five, Wout van Aert narrowly avoided disaster as he crashed and then nearly hit a team car. In the end Jonas Vingegaard went on to clinch the 18th stage of the Tour de France on the Hautacan and is in prime position to win the whole event for the first time.

“It’s incredible. This morning, I said to my girlfriend and my girlfriend that I wanted to win for them and I did. This one is for my two girls back home,” the Dane said. “I was just happy that it finally ended. I was just happy it finally ended.

“It was incredibly hard. I’m also really happy I won the stage. Now there’s still two more days to come before we are in Paris so we need to keep focus and we’ll take it day by day again.

“I am so really happy they I won the stage, now there is more days to come. I think [Pogacar] kind of missed the corner and then he went down into the gravel. The bike disappeared. I waited for him.

“Luckily I have to thank all my teammates. You see Wout van Aert dropped Pogacar in the end. Everyone was incredible. They were all incredible.

"Thanks so much to my teammates. Dom’t want to talk about it. Let’s talk about it in two days.”


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