WATCH: Nikola Jokic and new Nuggets teammate Aaron Gordon play hot potato for two – The Denver Post

Just like Scootsie Double-Day and Jackie Moon, Nikola Jokic and Aaron Gordon proved sharing is caring en route to a sweet basket on Tuesday night.

The NBA’s MVP frontrunner, Jokic, scored 27 points on 16 shots with 13 assists and eight rebounds against the Pistons. His new frontcourt partner, Gordon, had the most fun moment in the Nuggets’ 134-119 win over Detroit at Ball Arena.

It was just one of many Jokic highlights from the game as the All-Star center’s mixtape continues to grow. With Gordon joining Denver recently, the highlight of the two playing hot potato stands out. If the two can mesh well together — which they have through five straight wins — the Nuggets have a chance to go even further than last year’s Western Conference Finals run.

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