Aaron Rodgers vs. Tom Brady: Here’s Brady Quinn’s take on the GOAT debate and who’s better

Picking between Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers seems like an impossible task. Brady has five Super Bowl rings, while Rodgers has a ring of his own and has made a career out of making “how did he do that?” throws look routine. On Sunday, we’ll see two of the best to ever sling it go head-to-head when Rodgers and the Packers come to Foxborough to take on Brady and the Patriots.

Both teams are in very different situations, with the Packers coming off a heartbreaking loss to the Rams and sitting at 3-3-1. The Patriots, meanwhile, are 6-2 while the rest of the AFC East falls apart. While the game isn’t exactly “must-win” for the Packers due to struggles up and down the NFC North, it would go a long way for a team with a few frustrating losses so far this season.

On Thursday’s “Off the Bench” podcast, Brady Quinn and Raja Bell dive into the questions everyone will debate this weekend: Who is better and who is more talented? They also preview the showdown between two of the greats. Quinn takes a look at the route that these two quarterbacks took, and ultimately says who he thinks is better — but not without some stipulations.

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