Browns interim coach Gregg Williams claims he’s gotten four offers to be a head coach since 2003

The Browns’ coaching situation got so ugly that after firing both Hue Jackson and Todd Haley earlier this week, they were forced to promote Gregg Williams — best known for his role in Bountygate — to interim head coach. If we take Williams’ recent comments at face value, though, the Browns are now being led by one of the most coveted coaches in all football.

Over the summer, Williams told his team that he turned down seven jobs to be in Cleveland. At the time, that claim was met with skepticism due to Bountygate, which earned him a one-year suspension, and his recent history as a defensive coordinator. His defenses haven’t finished in the top 10 in terms of points allowed since 2010.

On Wednesday, Williams made another claim that was once again met with skepticism. According to Williams, he’s had four offers to become a head coach without even interviewing since he left Buffalo after the 2003 season.

“Since I left Buffalo, I’ve had 11 letters sent in to interview for head coaching jobs. … Four of them I didn’t even have to show up, just sign the contract and come,” Williams said, per Pro Football Talk.

Consider the rest of the NFL community just as skeptical as J-Law.

*Gregg Williams phone buzzes at the podium*

“Make that 12”

Most of humans: daily crippling self doubt.

Gregg Williams:

Alternate headline: Gregg Williams is a liar; always has been.

Oh, man! Gregg Williams was offered *11* jobs. Not 7. It’s time to update the list.

8. Co-founder of Surefire Intelligence
9. Buffalo Bills starting QB
10. Head of security at an unlicensed alligator park
11. Raiders’ head coach (last week)

Nobody’s buying it. But nobody has to buy it, because like it or not, Williams is getting another chance to coach in the NFL again thanks to the dysfunction between Jackson and Haley, which got both of them fired. Williams will now get an opportunity to prove to the Browns and the rest of the NFL that he deserves to be a head coach again. Keep in mind, Williams was once caught telling his players “kill the head and the body will die” and over his past 12 seasons as a defensive coordinator, he’s coached a top-10 unit in terms of points allowed just once. If that’s the kind of a coach a team is looking for, Williams is their guy.

At the very least, based on “Hard Knocks” and his first press conference as the Browns’ interim coach, the next two months of Cleveland’s season should generate some interesting/entertaining comments.

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