Football community reacts to news of Demaryius Thomas' death

News of former NFL wide receiver Demaryius Thomas’ death shook the football community on Thursday night. An outpouring of love on Twitter followed.

The NFL family mourns the tragic loss of Demaryius Thomas and we extend our deepest condolences to his family and loved ones.

We are devastated and completely heartbroken.

Demaryius' humility, warmth, kindness and infectious smile will always be remembered by those who knew him and loved him.

Rest in peace, Bay Bay 💔

Heartbroken 💔

DT sat with my son son the entire plane ride home from Super Bowl, held him on his lap on Bus, carried him and hoisted him on fire truck during the parade and celebrated with him as if his own kid. I hope my son remembers 88.

This is who my friend was. Always Smiling. I love you DT #RIP 💔

It was an honor to play with you. Thank you for always believing in me! Rest easy my brother.

Heartbroken. #RIP Young Legend.
DeMaryius Thomas 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾 #88

Love forever bro 🕊

I remember when DT returned to Mile High right after being traded. Von Miller came into the Texans locker room to see him. Peyton Manning’s kids ran up to him in the tunnel as he walked to the bus and hugged him. Peyton took pictures of them together. You could feel the love


Everyone who ever knew DT had a story. A story about his kindness, the way he treated them. He was a friend to everyone. Incredible player, better human being. You’ll be so very missed 88. So missed.

Demaryius Thomas’ football feats were incredible, but this is the man I’ll remember: The guy who was kind, always smiling, who was Uncle DT to so many kids, and who was always thoughtful and sincere in our professional relationship.

Most people saw what Demaryius Thomas could do on the field. Off the field, he was even more special.

These are just some of the videos I still have on my phone that swore I never would delete. Being around little kids was when Demaryius seemed the happiest.

I met Demaryius Thomas when he was at Georgia Tech – painfully shy and incredibly sweet. He grew so much as a person but never lost that sweetness & kindness.I asked him if he was happy and this was the picture he sent me. This smile truly epitomizes his light. Devastating.

Heartbroken! Love ya DT!

I'm just shocked to hear that Demaryius Thomas has died. Gone way to soon. Honored to have known you brutha. R.I.P!

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