Jerry Jones says Dak Prescott ‘is the quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys’

Jerry Jones isn’t giving up on Dak Prescott.

The Cowboys owner said he believes in the team’s quarterback, despite his rough outing against the Titans Monday night.

“Listen, Dak is the quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys,” Jones said on 105.3 The Fan on Tuesday. “He’s young and he’s going to get extended.”

Prescott threw for 243 yards, two touchdowns and had two turnovers in the Cowboys’ 28-14 loss to the Titans. 

“Tonight’s game did not — did not, I emphasize — impact my future look at Dak Prescott,” Jones said after the game.

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His contract is up in 2019, and much of how he does this season could cumulate into him getting a mega-deal similar to Aaron Rodgers’, Matt Ryan’s and Kirk Cousins’ deals.

With the loss, the Cowboys now sit at 3-5 and are third in the NFC East.

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