Kickin’ It with Kiz: Isn’t booing Russell Wilson in Seattle the same as booing Carmelo Anthony in Denver?

Russell Wilson’s break-up with Seattle honestly reminds me of the Dan Reeves-John Elway saga of old. A coach stubbornly using a high-horsepower talent like a tractor. When the Broncos chose Elway over Reeves, they made the right call and we’ve got the Super Bowl rings to prove it. Maybe the Seahawks organization placed the priority on the wrong dude.

Mark, Denver

Kiz: Breaking up is hard to do and sports divorces are messy, whether you’re a superstar named Elway, Wilson or Carmelo Anthony. Seeking more say in how the Broncos operated, Elway got tired of doing things Reeves’ way. Wilson felt the Seahawks didn’t properly respect a rambling, gambling quarterback of his stature. Anthony grew weary of taking blame from George Karl and lost confidence in the Nuggets’ commitment to chasing a championship. How did it turn out for everybody? Elway won a power play. Wilson and Anthony made a family and business decision to start fresh in a new city; fans that loved cheering for both of them felt slighted. So if you booed Melo every time he returned to Denver as a visitor, can you blame the “12s” in Seattle if they boo DangeRuss during Monday Night Football?

Comparing Wilson and how he left Seattle to Melo and how he left Denver is a huge stretch. Bad karma.

K.P., never mellow

Kiz: OK, I understand Wilson let Seattle bask in the reflected glory of the Super Bowl ring he won, while bad turnovers at critical moments by teammates doomed Anthony to failure against the Lakers in the 2009 Western Conference finals. But as a fan, if there’s more spite than appreciation in your heart for a player that provided years of thrills, that might be a you problem.

How bad would the Rockies be without Bud Black as manager! He is clearly not the problem.

Jerry, good buddy

Kiz: Gotta love the passion of sports peeps. On social media, Black was eaten alive by snark early Friday night for his failure to rescue pitcher German Marquez from the mound during Arizona’s nine-run outburst in the fifth inning that wiped out an 8-1 Colorado lead. But what happened when the usual baseball madness at Coors Field ensued, and the Rockies came back for a 13-10 victory? Instead of praise for Black keeping the faith in his team, the snarksters offered crickets.

Banning the shift proves major-league baseball doesn’t like defense. It’s like if the NFL banned the use of more than four defensive backs on the field at one time.

S.B., big on D

Kiz: Why stop at banning the shift? If baseball wants more offense, I say lower the mound, move the pitching rubber back to second base and make Nolan Arenado man the hot corner without a glove.

And today’s parting shot might be irreverent, but it might also be the best way to make the rest of this football season interesting for the Rams and Buffs.

I suggest Colorado State plays CU in a best-of-10 series. The loser drops to the Bowl Championship Subdivision and a lower level of competition in 2023.

John, innovative thinker

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