Larry Fitzgerald spiked the ball for the first time out of frustration with son

In his 15 NFL seasons, Larry Fitzgerald has caught 1,268 passes, gained 15,902 yards and scored 112 touchdowns. He's done about everything with a football that a receiver can do.

That changed on Sunday.

After catching a pass for a two-point conversion in the final minutes, Fitzgerald wound up and spiked a football for the first time in his life.

It was as much a release of frustration as it was a moment of celebration, and it showed what an 18-15 victory over the 49ers meant to a downtrodden team on the edge of fracturing.

But to hear Fitzgerald tell it, the reason for the spike was strictly personal. His oldest son, Devin, decided to attend the state fair rather than see his dad and two 1-6 teams play at State Farm Stadium.

It was a sound decision by the young man, but it put his father in a bad mood.

“I was carrying that around all day,” Fitzgerald said, “so when I get in there, I kind of let it out. So all the kids that were watching, I’m sorry, I set a bad example today.”

Fitzgerald smiled and laughed as he said this, something he hasn’t been able to do much after games this season. The Cardinals are 2-6, with both victories coming against the 1-7 49ers.

It won’t go down as a win for the ages. Those don’t come when you’re 1-6.

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