Reid: Mahomes gives edge on 4th-and-15 idea

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Andy Reid isn’t necessarily a fan of the NFL’s proposed rule that would allow teams to retain possession after a score by converting a 4th-and-15 instead of recovering an onside kick, but the Kansas City Chiefs coach wouldn’t be afraid to use the new option if it passes because of quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

“We’ve got a guy that can do 4th-and-15s,” Reid said Friday. “He’d give us an opportunity to do that.”

Under the proposed rule, put forth by the Philadelphia Eagles, a team would have the option for one offensive play from its 25-yard line rather than kicking off after a score. The team would need to gain at least 15 yards to retain possession.

Team owners will be asked to vote on rule proposals during a virtual meeting May 28. Owners rejected a similar proposal to this last year from the Denver Broncos, but the league did try it out during the 2019 Pro Bowl.

The Chiefs didn’t attempt to convert any fourth-down plays of 15 or more yards last season. But on third-down plays of 15 yards or longer, Mahomes was 12-of-16 for 255 yards and three touchdowns. On a third-and-15 during the fourth quarter of Super Bowl LIV, Mahomes completed a 44-yard pass to Tyreek Hill.

Mahomes tweeted about the proposed rule this week and included a couple of smiley faced emojis, though each had a bead of sweat on its face.

Otherwise, Reid said he had mixed feelings about the rule, saying he wasn’t a fan of taking away from the special-teams component of the game.

“To keep the integrity of the game, you like that part of it,” Reid said. “Being an old guy, I’d probably stick with the integrity of the game as it sits right now, but I can also see where the other part can be exciting too.”

Information from ESPN’s Kevin Seifert was used in this report.

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