F1 CEO receives a ‘dead dog’ from PETA activists as Liberty Media come under pressure

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Animal rights organisation PETA have claimed they sent a prop of a dead dog to Formula One boss Stefano Domenicali as a protest on Liberty Media’s sponsorship of ‘Iditarod’, a dog-sled race held in Alaska.

PETA activists have remained enraged by the race, which is held across Alaska’s Tundra, claiming that it has killed over 150 dogs over the years, with hundreds of dogs left injured after.

The CEO also received a letter from PETA asking him to put pressure on the company to cancel their sponsorship of the Iditarod.

At the end of 2016, Liberty Media agreed to buy a majority stake in Formula One Group.

However, it took until 2017 before the purchase was approved by regulators, as Bernie Ecclestone was replaced by Chase Carey at the helm.

ExxonMobil, Jack Daniels and Coca-Cola, who have all cancelled their sponsorship, with PETA urging F1 to follow suit.

But PETA claim Liberty Media has not yet joined the other big companies that have condemned the race.

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PETA wrote: “What do ExxonMobil, Jack Daniel’s, and Coca-Cola all have in common? After learning about the cruelty of the Iditarod and hearing from supporters of PETA entities, they pulled their sponsorship and cut all ties with the deadly dog-race.

“Yet Formula One’s (F1) sister company GCI (also owned by parent company Liberty Media) still sponsors the deadly race to the tune of more than £180,000 a year.

“That’s why we organised this special delivery for F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali.

“Don’t worry, it’s a prop. But the Alaskan race kills real dogs.”

PETA recently wished seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton happy birthday, congratulating the 37-year-old after his ongoing plight to fight against animal cruelty.

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The Briton turned vegan in 2017 and follows a strictly plant-based diet, using his platform to promote a variety of issues that involve the environment and animal welfare, as well as diversity, and equality.

PETA tweeted: “Whether he’s taking home racing titles or speaking about animal rights, racism, or the climate catastrophe, Sir Lewis Hamilton is a champion in everything he does.”

They added a quote from Hamilton which read: “Every bit of meat, chicken or fish you eat, every bit of leather or fur you wear, has come from an animal that has been tortured, pulled away from their families, and brutally killed.”

PETA is well known for its publicity stunts, and last year publicly urged ITV bosses to “ditch cruel stunts with animals” in their show I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here! urging fans to boycott the show.

At the end of last year, they dropped a banner across a flyover bridge on Glasgow’s M8 motorway urging motorists to go Vegan.

The stunt came as thousands of climate activists marched through Glasgow, alongside Trade unionists and some politicians.

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