F1 fans blast ‘pathetic’ punishment as Red Bull finally discover cost cap fate

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    Formula 1 fans have reacted with outrage after Red Bull got off with a seemingly light penalty for breaching the sport’s budget cap.

    F1’s champion team have been fined £6.05m for breaking financial rules, the sport’s governing body has confirmed. The FIA announced that the team, which carried Max Verstappen to a contentious championship victory over Lewis Hamilton last year, overspent by £1.86m.

    Red Bull have entered into an Accepted Breach Agreement (ABA) with the FIA which will also see their aerodynamic testing time reduced by 10 per cent next year. The deal, which ensures Red Bull lose any right to appeal, avoids the team risking a harsher punishment, which could have included the deduction of championship points, and Hamilton being instated as last year’s title winner.

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    However, many fans have slammed the punishment for being too lenient, saying it makes a mockery of the cost cap rules and F1 in general.

    One fan fumed: “Pathetic. All teams to breach the cap and just keep $7million on the side, just in case FIA finds out. You will only be disadvantaged the following year, performance-wise.”

    Another added: “What an absolute disgrace! I’m actually embarrassed to be an F1 fan.”

    A third said: “A nothing punishment. All this has done has made a mockery of Cost Cap, two possibly three Drivers’ Championships and two possibly three Constructors’ Championships.”

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    Another said the punishment could lead to other teams committing similar breaches in the future, saying: “Now EVERY other team has a very valuable risk reward for overspending.”

    One fan asked: “Does anybody else see the irony in a fine from breaking a rule brought in to reduce costs? Money was never an issue to these teams and the reduced wind tunnel time is negligible given that the current rules are locked in and the car was developed LAST YEAR during the overspend?!”

    Another fan raged: “Ban them! Get them out the championship. Absolute disgrace that they’ve been allowed to get away with this.”


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