Lando Norris aims swipe at FIA over brake-testing row

Lando Norris aims swipe at FIA ahead of crunch finale in Abu Dhabi as McLaren star jokes that he will brake test rival Charles Leclerc because there is ‘only a 10-second penalty’ following Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton drama in Saudi Arabia

  • Lando Norris has taken aim at the FIA ahead of this weekend’s race in Abu Dhabi 
  • Last weekend saw thrilling drama between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen 
  • The Red Bull star was given a 10-second penalty for brake-testing the Briton
  • Norris said he will brake test Charles Leclerc because the sanction is so lenient  

Lando Norris has taken aim at Formula One’s stewards after joking that he will brake test Charles Leclerc in Abu Dhabi this weekend following Max Verstappen’s 10-second penalty in Saudi Arabia.

The FIA were dragged into the spotlight during a dramatic race in Jeddah last Sunday, with Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton jostling for the lead over the course of 50 high-octane laps in the desert.

Tensions boiled over on lap 37 after Verstappen slowed down dramatically following an order to allow Hamilton to pass. The Brit, not knowing that the order had been given, went into the back of his title rival.

Lando Norris has taken aim at the FIA for their lenient sanctions ahead of the Abu Dhabi GP

Tensions boiled over in Jeddah after Lewis Hamilton went into the back of Max Verstappen

The seven-time world champion accused the Red Bull star of ‘brake testing’ him – where drivers suddenly slow down after applying the brakes – and the FIA handed Verstappen a 10-second penalty for the incident.

That sanction had no consequence on the outcome of the race as Verstappen’s lead over third-placed Valtteri Bottas was well over the 10-second threshold, resulting in accusations that the FIA had gone too light on the 24-year-old.

And McLaren star Norris has taken a swipe at the incident – and the subsequent punishment – as we inch towards what is a guaranteed to be a thrilling finale in Abu Dhabi with Verstappen and Hamilton level on 369.5 points.

Verstappen (L) was handed a ten-second penalty for brake-testing the Briton (R) on lap 37

Norris (R) joked he would use the same method to beat Charles Leclerc (L) due to the leniency of the sanction

Sat alongside Ferrari’s Leclerc – who is currently four points ahead in the standings – Norris was asked how he plans to get the better of the Monegasque this weekend.

‘I can try brake testing him!’ the Briton quipped via Autosport. ‘It’s only a 10 second penalty…’ 

After a strong start to the season, Norris and McLaren have slipped down the pecking order and it looks as though Ferrari will pip the team to third in the constructors’ standings. 

Norris finished in 10th in Jeddah last weekend, falling three places from his starting grid position of 7th, while Leclerc crossed the line in 7th.  

Formula One is set for a thrilling finale this weekend with the two rivals in a title shootout

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