Lewis Hamilton pays tribute to Red Bull as Max Verstappen wins Dutch Grand Prix

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“Honestly, what a race, what a crowd.”

“It’s been an amazing weekend, Max did a great job and congratulations to him.

“I gave it absolutely everything today, I pushed as hard as I could but they were just too quick for us.

“I had an amazing time here in Holland, thanks to the crowd so thanks for having us.

“I’m going to call him Noah from now on, every time there was traffic they just moved out the way.

“It’s very hard to navigate through the traffic, they just had the upper edge and that’s really hard to follow here.

“The last lap was one of the best parts of the race, this track is one of my favourites now.

“I am looking forward to coming back next year!”

Hamilton gave credit to Red Bull during his radio interview at the end of the race.

He said to his Mercedes team: “Well guys, they were just too fast.

“This week and today, I gave it absolutely everything.

“Thank you all so much for the hard work.”

To which Thanks Lewis, you gave it your all.

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