Red Bull slammed for "bulls***" tactics as Max Verstappen controversy rumbles on

Former Formula One driver Sebastien Bourdais slammed Red Bull for their “bulls***” tactics which played a part in Max Verstappen’s controversial title victory over Lewis Hamilton.

Verstappen won his first ever F1 World Championship in extraordinary fashion, after a safety car enabled him to, not only catch up with the Mercedes ace, but also take him on in a dramatic final lap, which eventually saw him overtake the Brit to seal the victory at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

However, while the eruption of fury proceeding the dramatic events at Yas Marina show no sign of stopping, Bourdais was furious over another moment of the race which had divided opinion.

Buried beneath the vociferous debates emerging after the concluding events of the race, was another vital part of the race which saw Verstappen’s team mate Sergio Perez, hold up Hamilton on Turn 6 of the 20th lap.

While racing broadcaster Will Buxton described Perez’s driving as “sensational” during the race, Bourdais, who previously drove for Red Bull's sister team Toro Rosso, responded by describing the strategy as “BS (bulls***).

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“I thought you loved racing, that was BS,” Bourdais fumed at Buxton on Twitter. "I can't begin to understand how Perez can be happy with himself and how people applaud him for what he did.

“Purposely slowing down and using every dirty trick to impede Hamilton. Zero sportsmanship, from the whole team really.”

Bourdais was responding to Buxton’s tweet during the race, who was extremely impressed by Perez’s defensive skills.

“Red Bull just doesn’t look like it’s got the race pace to keep up with Mercedes as Verstappen slips back again but my word what an incredible piece of defensive driving from Perez. Sensational,” Buxton said on Twitter.

After Hamilton and Verstappen entered the pit-stop for the first time, Perez was instructed to move to Plan B, which was to slow Hamilton down so Verstappen could drag himself back into the contest.

And as Hamilton pulled alongside Perez on approaching Turn 6 on the 20 th lap, Perez suddenly cut across him and proceeded to hold Hamilton at bay for a full-lap.

The 2021 World Champion could also be heard calling Perez “a legend”, after the Spaniard’s work enabled him to slice Hamilton’s lead to just two seconds.

Interestingly, Perez suggested he was not fond of the idea of sacrificing his own position in the race to help momentum, but he did so to put the team above his own ambitions.

"It was crucial at that time of the race, because I knew that basically, Lewis had the race under control, he had the virtual and safety car windows pretty much open and he could have done whatever he wanted at the time," Perez said to

"He had the race under control, so it was pretty critical. But at the same time I was on extremely old tyres. It worked well. At the end of the day, I'm happy that I've helped Max and the team.

"It's a hard one because at the same time, you don't want to interfere too much in the drivers' championship. But I think above anything, it will always be my team."

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