Sebastian Vettel urged to return to F1 in 2024 after Hamilton comment

Sebastian Vettel to retire from F1 at end of season

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Sebastian Vettel should return to the F1 grid in 2024, according to a new poll, after Lewis Hamilton tipped the four-time champion to make a comeback. In an exclusive study for Express Sport, a massive 65 per cent of readers said they wanted Vettel back on the grid in 2024.

Just 35 per cent voted that they did not want to see the popular 35-year-old back in F1 after next season. The reaction comes after Hamilton tipped Vettel to re-enter the sport in the near future.

Speaking on Thursday ahead of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, Hamilton claimed F1 has a way of “sucking you back in” as the seven-time champion made reference to other drivers who had returned. He explained: “We always had such great battles, honestly, and I was just thinking, most drivers are coming back.

“He’s come back [Alonso], you’re probably going to come back. We’re seeing other drivers coming back, so I’m sitting here accepting, yes, it’s your last race… but… He’ll be back. Formula One has a way of sucking you back in. We’ve noticed that from so many other drivers. No?”

Responding to Hamilton, Vettel joked he could be tempted to return when the Mercedes star had retired. Vettel replied: “Maybe we can make a deal. We’ll speak outside, when you want to get away, maybe I want to come back!”

Hamilton laughed: “And just swap. Alternate.” After the chequered flag, Vettel admitted he would miss F1 more than he understands.

However, the former Red Bull, Ferrari and Aston Martin driver has openly admitted he cannot say no to coming back at some point.

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He told Der Spiegel: “I’d like to rule it out but I can’t. I have no idea how I’ll be ticking in a year or two. As far as the physical is concerned, I do a sport that you could still return to after a two-year break. However, I wish that in two years I would still say: ‘No thanks, I don’t need racing anymore’.”

Vettel ruled out signing up as a TV pundit but has been tipped to get involved in F1 management. Marko told Servus TV: “It is his voluntary decision and I am sure that whatever he will do in the future will be something that satisfies him.

“It’s not out of the question that he’ll come back in a top management position.”

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