Aldi’s Kevin the Carrot’s World Cup predictions – winner, wildcard and super 6

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    Forget Paul the Octopus or Mystic Meg – the only oracle you need to listen ahead of this year's World Cup is Kevin the Carrot.

    Kevin, the star of Aldi's Home Alone inspired Christmas advert, has spoken exclusively to Daily Star, kindly providing his predictions for the tournament, which kicks off in Qatar on November 20.

    Taking a welcome break from the attention brought by the festive ad, the vegetable with a vision told us who he thinks will lift the Jules Rimet trophy on Sunday December 18.

    In a nod to Aldi's special offer items, he also named his 'super 6', or in other words his World Cup stars.

    Here's what he told us….

    Kevin the Carrot's World Cup predictions

    Who will win the World Cup?

    England or Wales for me!

    Interestingly, the local vegetable media are speaking highly of the dragons of Wales' chances of winning the competition! And why not? With world bests such as Gareth Kale and Onion Ramsey in the side, you don’t have to be a farmer to see them digging up a result here and there. Go on Wales!

    When it comes to England it’s thyme to go beyond the semi-fennel and lift the trophy for the first time since 1966. I have faith in Southgrape to take them all the way!

    Who's your wildcard?

    Any team can put the ball in the old onion bag, but I feel Portugal will be the banana skin of the tournament. You heard it here first!

    Kevin the Carrot’s World Cup Super 6

    Marcus Radishford

    The root vegetable that is going to win The Golden Root … Marcus Radishford .

    Gareth Kale

    Wales have made it to their first World Cup since 1958, and it wouldn’t have happened without their star man, Gareth Kale. He’s pretty good at playing mini golf in the allotment too.

    Kevin Dill Bruyne

    Like most herbs, Kevin Dill Bruyne adds a delightful touch. He’s always Player of the Patch!

    Cristiano Ronaldi

    The excitement of watching Portugal’s Cristiano Ronaldi play is only comparable to the euphoria of popping out for some milk then accidentally walking down the aisle of Aldi and ending up with a kayak from the Specialbuys section.

    Christian Pealisic

    Christian Pealisic and I are like two peas in pod when it comes to football styles, especially when it comes to peeling away from defenders.

    Karim Beanzema

    The star vegetable at any Christmas dinner, Karim Beanzema will light up the tournament!

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